The Holiday Experiment(al) Show

Second Act
San Francisco 94117
December 16.
San Francisco
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Like egg nog or animal sacrifice, tried and true...


Like egg nog or animal sacrifice, tried and true traditions have mysterious ways of getting you going. Song forms can work the same provided you lean heavy on the rum (in this case, scum synth) and pick your favorite pet to burn at the altar (in this case, the voice of Nic Hughes (Shearing Pinx)) readying your inner evil child to head home for the holy days. Chop chop.

Sister Blanche

Her sinister supplications, half-heard, creep closer than you should probably allow, swaddled in the analogue fleece of tape warble and hiss as the soft patter of snare joins insensate strumming, bewildering in its drift from sickening plonks to psychedelic sustains. Vancouver's own Morgan Cook (Young Mums, Cindy Lee, Androgynous Mind) intones dark-folk lullabies of hypnopompic suffering in motionless frenzy of sleep paralysis.

Earth Jerks

Soltice rawk, megalithic synth and organ works eased at glacial tempo to only touch your toe, bumping you from the face, proof that speed is in the eye of the toeholder. Tonights intonations by Christian Dixon (Tujurrikuja, Computer Tapes) inaugurate your sunless sommersault through the cold of Winter, chin down, heels up.


What is the voltage of static electricity that courses over your skin standing each of five million hairs straight on end? Can the answer be derived quantitatively from the waveforms cascading against malleus, anvil and stapes to trigger follicle surge? Or is math itself lost in the abstraction to qualitative, perceptual, and metaphysical sense? Such shortcuts to madness are best explored through the complexities of minimal materialism, particles of sound as sculpted by Antimatter, the solo project of Xopher Davidson.
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Second Act
San Francisco 94117, 1727 Haight St


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