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United Student for Veterans' Health San Francisco State University Chapter

USVH SFSU is dedicated to the promotion of veteran appreciation, a better understanding of veterans’ health issues and concerns, and conjoining the veteran patients with the San Francisco community.

Students and volunteers will experience interaction with patients and physicians at the VA Medical Center in San Francisco. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn more about the veteran community in a health related environment and advance in specific assignments provided by the Medical Center, to fulfill a common objective of providing assistance, creativity, and compassion to each activity.

SFSU campus is the grounds for particular events that members attend and promote the mission of USVH SFSU.

Members must be enrolled as a San Francisco State University Students, have at least a 2.0 GPA, and be able to dedicate 1 semester to be recognized for completion of the program.

USVH SFSU chapter is a unique organization that provides its members with the unique opportunity to make a difference in the community, grow as a leader, become familiar with their field of interest, and apply their energy to a cause that will help positively change lives.

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