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APRIL 9-11 /// FREE & open to the public!


The University of San Francisco is hosting its 12th Annual Human Rights Film Festival.

We are celebrating our 12th anniversary with an excellent program. Films selected address human rights abuses in locations as varied as the U.S., Haiti, El Salvador, Indonesia, North Korea, Argentina, Palestine, Senegal, and Mexico. The issues highlighted include: political repression, torture, killings and disappearances, the effects of war on children, immigration, the failures of humanitarian aid, environmental destruction by mining companies and its consequences for indigenous peoples, LGBT rights and the marriage equality movement, media censorship, poverty and HIV. For the sixth year, the festival will open with a selection of shorts produced by USF students. For the second year, we are showcasing shorts produced by USF alumni.

As with past editions, our goals are to promote awareness and discussion of global human rights issues and explore challenges to human rights in specific locations. We believe in the power of film to educate about human rights violations and encourage citizens to take action. We know that committed citizens can help to stop abuses.

Furthermore, this Festival seeks to strengthen the University's links with Bay Area human rights organizations, which we invite to participate in educating our audiences. We encourage these organizations to disseminate their publications to our audiences prior to each screening.

For more information contact:
Susana Kaiser, Media Studies and Latin American Studies

Sergio De la Torre, Arts + Architecture

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