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Architecture and Community Design for a more just and humane world. Take part. #ChangeTheWorldFromHere #USFCA #USFARCD

The Architecture and Community Design Program at the University of San Francisco (USF) combines an introduction to the disciplines of architecture, urban design, city planning, and landscape design with a strong emphasis on the social sciences and humanities. The program draws from the university's diverse resources and faculty to form a unique interdisciplinary curriculum of study, which reflects the university's mission and commitment to building community for a more just and humane world.

This interdisciplinary program emphasizes the critical role of design in negotiating between individual and collaborative acts of making and the larger framework of political, social, and cultural issues. It seeks to engage and encourage students to understand the contemporary metropolis through a breadth of analytical approaches and design strategies. Through this process we train students to become impassioned readers, interpreters, actors, and designers of their cities, institutions, and communities.

The curriculum has been carefully crafted to satisfy the entrance requirements for graduate programs in architecture and urban design at the nation's top thirty universities.

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