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Credential & Grad programs for aspiring & practicing educators, counselors & leaders. Our programs focus on social justice, equity & community involvement.

The University of San Francisco School of Education offers credential and graduate programs designed to meet the needs of aspiring and practicing educators, counselors and leaders. Marked by its urban setting, the School reaches out and contributes to the several communities it serves.

Academic rigor and scholarly excellence have been USF's trademarks since 1855. By valuing the individual, the School provides a caring, interactive and academically challenging climate through:

- Instilling a passion for knowledge, wisdom and social justice;
- Fostering a desire to celebrate a modern, diverse and multicultural world;
- Building a commitment to creativity and compassion;
- Heightening ethical standards;
- Developing the intellect;
- Enhancing professional skills.

Your decision to continue your studies indicates a passion for learning that we share. For this reason, we encourage you to come and join our vibrant learning community. Let us assist you in accomplishing your lifelong learning goals!

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