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Master's program in the Biology Department for those interested in going straight into a biotechnology-related career.

This is a two-year, four-semester Master’s program comprised of 36 units. Our program follows the PSM model of 2/3 science courses, 1/3 business courses - we are currently under review for PSM affiliation. There are 32 units required as part of the core curriculum that all students must complete. Ten courses and an internship make up this core. Students must also choose one elective course from a subset of biotech-related courses.

Admission Requirements
The expected student enrollment in the first three years of the program is 12-20 students annually. The prospective student must have sufficient background to undertake a graduate program in molecular biology and therefore should have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology or Chemistry. However applicants from other science majors may also be accepted provided that they have completed the following undergraduate courses: two semesters of general biology, two semesters of general chemistry, one semester of organic chemistry and genetics. Other undergraduate disciplines with professional work experience in biotechnology may apply.

This is a terminal degree for those who want to enter into a biotechnology industry position upon graduation (not for the Ph.D. or medical school track).

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