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Focused on interdisciplinary HIV research since 1988, the UCSF-GIVI CFAR is part of a national network of NIAID-NIH funded Centers for AIDS Research.

Welcome to the online home of the UC San Francisco-Gladstone Institute Center for AIDS Research. Our CFAR, one of a network of 21 centers across the country, serves and sustains the large and vibrant community of more than 300 HIV scientists and clinicians in San Francisco.

We are dedicated to ending the HIV epidemic in a city that has been particularly hard hit by this virus and to extending our efforts both near and far, specifically to the East Bay and to East Africa, where health disparities are undermining an effective HIV/AIDS response. Our CFAR is also giving high priority to enabling the careers of the next generation of young HIV investigators. Our CFAR is also providing a number of key scientific cores (Virology, Immunology, Clinical, Specimen Banking, and Pharmacology) that further enable the work of our members. We are also reaching out to the various communities that we serve through active collaborations with Project Inform, the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research, and the UCSF Science and Health Education Partnership.

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