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Don't remember what we did this past year? Then check out our Flickr pictures! For more information please visit: http://sfsukoinonia.org/

Koinonia is a student ministry at SFSU that meets weekly to study the Bible and hear God’s perspective. We talk, discuss & ask questions to arrive at answers as we investigate and discover God’s purpose for you and me. Along the way we also hang out, eat good food, study hard, and “do life” together. After all, sometimes being students on campus runs us through its gamut of ups and downs – thrills, boredom, loneliess, anxiety, the struggle to fit in somewhere – but the upside is that we can do it together as we build a community of faith around the love of God.

What does Koinonia mean?
Koinonia is Greek for “fellowship” & that’s what we’re all about. Check it out for yourself by joining a Life Group!

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