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Founded in 1959, The San Francisco State Chinese Program is one of the largest and most comprehensive Chinese Programs in the country. Come and like us, for real and on Facebook!

Founded in 1959, the Chinese Program at San Francisco State University is one of the oldest and most highly regarded academic programs in the United States devoted exclusively to the study of Chinese language and literature, providing comprehensive degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. With language instruction covering the full spectrum of beginning, intermediate and advanced level Chinese as well as content-based instruction in classical literature, modern literature, linguistics, and culture, the curriculum offers insight into the world’s most populous nation and one of mankind’s greatest civilizations, and inspires the student to view the world from a refreshingly different perspective. In addition to the academic core, electives in the areas of translation theory, conference interpreting, business Chinese, media Chinese, and Chinese internet applications further equip the student with career-related language skills to succeed in an increasingly diverse business landscape. The Chinese Program at San Francisco State University consistently ranks among the top five Chinese Programs in the nation

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