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PIFD is offering the following 4 years bachelors programs:
1- Fashion Design.
2- Fashion Marketing & Merchandising.
3- Textile Design.
4- Gems & Jewelry.
5- Furniture Design and Manufacturing.
6- Leather Accessories & Footwear Design.

It was in 1994 that the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (formerly EPB) with guidance from the Government of Pakistan came together with Mr. Olivier Lapidus to establish the Pakistan School of Fashion Design(PSFD). An affiliation was established with the Ecole de La Chambre Syndicale de La Couture Parisienne originally developed by the French Federation of Fashion Designers in 1927 and they were intensively consulted to draw out a comprehensive 4 year curriculum that would not only prepare the students to meet the local demands but also empower them to compete with global standards. Qualified faculty was specially recruited from within and outside of Pakistan and the curriculum thoroughly vetted to ensure that it conformed to the French standards.

51 - J/3,Johar Town,Lahore,Pakistan
Ph:+92 42 531 5410-30
Fax:+92 42 530 3998

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