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"Mobscene", stylized as "mOBSCENE", is a song by American group Marilyn Manson. It was released in April 2003 as the lead single from the album The Golden Age of Grotesque. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, but lost out to Metallica's, "St. Anger."ContentLines in the song chanted by female vocalists, "Be obscene, be, be obscene..." are inspired by a quote by Oscar Wilde that has been commonly used as a chant among cheerleaders.Critical receptionMany critics have also compared lines in this song to the TV gameshow in the 2000 film, Requiem for a Dream, starring Jared Leto ("Be excited, be, be excited...").Track listing (international)"Mobscene""Tainted Love" (Re-Tainted Interpretation)"Mobscene" (Rammstein's Sauerkraut Remix)"Paranoiac"Track listing (United States)"Mobscene""Paranoiac"External links Semiotic Analysis of mOBSCENE (in Czech)

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