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“When design is good, it celebrates the intelligence of the audience. When it’s mediocre, it insults that intelligence.” —Tibor Kalman

Rachel Berger, Associate Professor

David Hisaya Asari, Associate Professor

Doug Akagi, Professor Emeritus
David Hisaya Asari, Associate Professor
Bob Aufuldish, Professor
Leslie Becker, Professor
Tim Belonax, Senior Lecturer
John Caponi, Senior Lecturer
Rod Cavazos, Adjunct Professor
Ron Chan, Adjunct Professor
Dennis Crowe, Adjunct Professor
Melanie Doherty. Adjunct Professor
Mark Fox, Professor
Karen Fiss, Professor
Eric Heiman, Associate Professor
Rob Hugel, Adjunct Professor
Thomas Ingalls, Senior Adjunct Professor
Megan Lynch, Lecturer
Sonja Hernandez, Lecturer
Michael Mabry, Adjunct Professor
Brett MacFadden, Adjunct Professor
Emily McVarish, Associate Professor
Jeremy Mende, Associate Professor
Jennifer Morla, Adjunct Professor
Karin Myint, Adjunct Professor
Kaz Nakanishi, Adjunct Professor
Marc O’Brien, Lecturer
Erik Schmitt, Senior Lecturer
Tim Shetz, Adjunct Professor
Scott Thorpe, Adjunct Professor
James Tucker, Lecturer
Angie Wang, Senior Adjunct Professor

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