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Generation Citizen empowers young people to solve problems in their communities as effective and engaged citizens.

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Generation Citizen strengthens our nation’s democracy by empowering young people to solve problems in their own communities through a rigorous action-civics course. Trained college students partner with middle- and high-school teachers to lead semester-long programs using an innovative peer-to-near-peer mentorship model. Mentors and teachers champion students to become active in their communities; they help students explore the many rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Students choose a personally relevant issue of concern, analyze the root causes of the problem, and work in collaboration with their mentors and teachers to develop a definitive plan of action. The program operates in a real-world lab, beyond the textbook, where action meets civics. The curriculum cultivates critical-thinking and strategic decision-making skills, and builds self-esteem. Equally important, it facilitates a process of discovery whereby young people come to appreciate the implications and consequences of their actions.

Generation Citizen strives to teach students that a truly democratic society is one in which every citizen — no matter their race, gender or income level — has a voice and the potential to make positive change. The organization works to ensure that every student experiences a “moment of empowerment” where they see firsthand the positive strength of their voice and commitment and recognize their responsibility to be an effective and engaged citizen. Such a powerful moment, or series of moments, will enable each student to realize that they can make a difference and forever impact how they see themselves and their ability to be an instrument of change.
In partnership with the non-profit organization Generation Citizen, GC mentors at Northeastern University help youth to use their voices to participate in the political process and make a difference on issues they care about through the following approach:

EDUCATING students about grassroots organization and the political process, and informing them about the tools and the resources available to them to affect change.

ENGAGING students and mentors in community projects that use their civics knowledge and skills to actually take action on a student-selected issue.

EMPOWERING youth to use these resources to fix the problems that they see, leaving community change in the hands of the next generation of community leaders.

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