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Fashion Era institute of Art & Design

The Fashion Era institute of Art & Design was established in Sep. 2011 and is one of the educational institution in Lahore, PAKISTAN dedicated exclusively to the study of fashion & design. A curriculum has been developed that stresses a solid foundation in traditional techniques, addresses the technological demands of the contemporary market and remains innovative by evolving with the industry.

It speaks to those desiring to embark on a corporate design career, explore entrepreneurial opportunities, or continue their education in order to specialize in a niche area of the industry

The School of Art & Design is a unique perspective when it comes to providing a comprehensive and competitive fashion & design education. The process includes the mastery of design atelier disciplines -- both old world couture concepts and their contemporary digital age counterparts -- as well as a demanding work ethic that provides you with rewards beyond a certificates, diplomas & international patron diplomas in collaboration with SDC Society of dyers & colourists.*

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