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"Cymbaline" is a Pink Floyd song from the album, Soundtrack from the Film More.LyricsIts lyrics vividly tell the tale of a "nightmare", which was the title of the song when it was first introduced in Floyd's The Man and The Journey Tour shows.The song also makes reference to the Marvel Comics character Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange also made an appearance on the cover of Pink Floyd's second album, A Saucerful of Secrets.RecordingThe recording of '"Cymbaline" on the album is different from the one in the film . The vocals are a different take, though both versions are sung by David Gilmour. The lyrics are also different in one place. One notable feature of the lyrics is the question posed at the end of the first verse, "Will the final couplet rhyme". Not coincidentally, the final couplet in the song is the only one that does not rhyme.The song features a sparse arrangement of nylon string guitar, bass, piano, drumset, bongos, and Farfisa organ entering when Gilmour does a scat solo. Pink Floyd played "Cymbaline" from early 1969 until their last show of 1971, and it was the longest-surviving More piece in the band's live shows. It was dropped from their act along with "Fat Old Sun" and "The Embryo" when they began performing early versions of The Dark Side of the Moon.

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