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City College of San Francisco, or CCSF, is a two-year community college in San Francisco, California. The Ocean Avenue campus, bordering the Sunnyside, Westwood Park and Ingleside neighborhoods, is the college's primary location. CCSF is the largest community college in California and accommodates 90,000 students every year.Since 2012, CCSF has been threatened by loss of its accreditation for failure to address concerns about its governance, finances and self-evaluation standards. After an ensuing legal conflict, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges gave the college two additional years until January 2017 to satisfy standards and avert losing accreditation status.HistoryCity College of San Francisco first opened on September 4, 1935 as San Francisco Junior College and it had no central campus at the time. It was nicknamed "Trolley Car College" in the early days since students were forced to travel extensively to get between campuses. As the enrollment grew over time, so did the CCSF campus. In February 1948, the name was changed to City College of San Francisco. It now consists of eleven campuses, the Ocean Campus being the primary one. Since its founding in 1935, City College has evolved into a multicultural, multi-campus community college that is one of the largest in the country. CCSF offers courses in more than 50 academic programs and over 100 occupational disciplines. There is a full range of credit courses leading to the Associate of Arts and Science degrees, most of which meet the general education requirements for transfer to a four-year colleges and universities.

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