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Before an actor steps on a film set or an animator draws a character, visual development artists set the stage by envisioning scenes and establishing the “look” of the production.

Visual Development artists communicate narrative, thematic and functional design ideas using visual media. Visual Development is key to envisioning complex scenes before the actor steps onto the set, or before characters become animated on film or in game play. They are the visual storytellers who design and stage scenes from a script with effective camera choices that enhance the development and mood of the story.

Academy of Art University offers an innovative curriculum that emphasizes the skills needed to succeed in the growing field of Visual Development. A trained eye can see artistic potential in a blank page. A trained hand can turn that potential into reality. Come and learn from industry professionals and create a unique portfolio that demonstrates your personal style as a visual development artist.
Courses Visual Development courses include Drawing for Film, Digital Painting, Character Design and many others.

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