How to Drop the Hint, Not the Ball (Flirting 101)

CCA Student Life
San Francisco 94107
February 02.
San Francisco
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How to Drop the Hint, Not the Ball (Flirting 101)
Lecture & D...

How to Drop the Hint, Not the Ball (Flirting 101)
Lecture & Discussion, Verbal Participation Required
Tuesday, February 2, 2016
GC1, San Francisco Campus
7:15 pm - 8:45 pm

Sadly, in today’s “how-to” age, there are more contradictory and harmful myths about flirting floating around out there than there is practical advice. “Don’t fuck on the first date!” “Play hard to get!” “Don’t talk about past relationships!” “Wear something flattering, but not too conservative or revealing!” Hardly ever do the instructions given account for diversity in sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship style, let alone personal preference! Join performer, educator, and professional flirt Andre Shakti as she identifies the self-imposed “roadblocks” that make flirting difficult and works with your individual personality style to maximize your success without losing sight of who you are and what you REALLY want! Specifications for queer, non-monogamous, and kinky folks included! All genders, orientations, ages, abilities, and relationship configurations welcome.

Andre Shakti is a Bay Area educator, producer, activist, and professional slut devoted to normalizing alternative desires, de-stigmatizing sex workers and their partners, and not taking herself too seriously. She writes about sex work for Cosmopolitan and and is on the organizational committee for Atlanta’s Sex Down South Conference, which just celebrated its inaugural run in October 2015. She recently had an essay published in the anthology Coming Out Like A Porn Star.

*photo by Victoria Smith

This event is a part of THE LOVE SERIES. The Office of Student Life presents a series of events in February celebrating healthy relationships, consent, communication, bystander intervention, autonomy, identity, and empowerment.

This event is free and open to the public.

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