As Thousands Cheer

San Francisco Conservatory of Music
San Francisco 94102
January 31.
San Francisco
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Sketches - Moss Hart
Music & Lyrics -...

Sketches - Moss Hart
Music & Lyrics - Irving Berlin

Justin Bays
Jessie Bianco
Danielle Cheiken
Jasmine Johnson
Maggie Manire
Sidney Ragland
Taylor Rawley
Sabrina Romero
Corinne Rydman
Robert St. John
Ashten Smith
Melissa Sondhi
and featuring Scott Aldredge & Michael Minor

Direction & Choreography - Michael Mohammed
Music Direction - Lauren Mayer


It was the Depression era version of Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show. Moss Hart's sketches were sharp, witty, and hilarious and Irving Berlin's songs ranged from wry to satiric to poignant. Considered a masterpiece of that specialized genre known as the 'topical revue,' As Thousands Cheer originally took its inspiration from the newspaper headlines of the day. Our inspiration comes from tabloid gossip, paparazzi photos, and online dating sites; even comic books and the weather report are fair game! This performance puts Hart's supreme comedy writing into today's context while maintaining some of Berlin's greatest musical gems, such as 'Easter Parade,' Heatwave,' and 'Suppertime.'
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San Francisco Conservatory of Music
San Francisco 94102, 50 Oak St


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